Boris Johnson eases UK lockdown in UK.

Boris Johnson eases UK lockdown in UK.


Boris Johnson eases UK lockdown in UK.

The prime minister of UK Boris Johnson announced on Sunday, people in UK will be able to sunbathe in their local parks, exercise and drive to different locations and the economy will gradually restart

In a televised statement on Sunday evening, Johnson unveiled a road map to resuming activity in the country following more than six weeks under lockdown.

Every essentials for homes and jobs are still advised to stay I door until an order to movement is given.

Johnson announced a new five-tier alert system, much like one it already employs to assess terror threats which was ridicule on social media platforms.

Although the United Kingdom is one of the world’s hardest-hit nations in the pandemic. More than 31,000 people have died, according to government data.

But with new measures to be taken the prime minister assures the people that by Monday there’ll be an open space, even as the people can’t stay indoor anymore

Boris Johnson eases UK lockdown in UK.

Remember this is for sunbathing and exercises being that people have been in for too long, and he also assured a rising economy.

Scientists disagreed to the easing by the prime minister but we hope for the best also.


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