Covid19 Survivor Revealed Experience And Cure Process

Covid19 Survivor Revealed Experience And Cure Process

Covid19 Survivor Revealed Experience And Cure Process

Nigerian woman recovering from COVID-19 told her about the effect on her of garlic , ginger, lemon, and tumeric concoction.

The survivor revealed what it was like, after spending two weeks in the hospital, battling the deadly virus.

She expressed appreciation for her survival and said the symptoms were like none she ‘d ever seen.

She shared her symptoms with her followers and said “the Virus is heard better than it is felt.”

She also warned people about using the declared garlic, ginger, lemon and tumeric concoction as a healthy herbal cure for treating COVID-19 symptoms. He said drinking the concoction “was so corrosive that its abdominal lining was gradually peeling away.”

She wrote: “Okay so I didn’t know how ungrateful I was to be alive until COVID 19 taught me a great lesson. No be moinmoin has been fighting for my life at the hospital these past two weeks.

‘Let me tell you precisely what the virus is doing,Dry throat first. You will cough tire nothing will come out,

Running nose plus better migraine *** The neck pain is first class,It will so take away ones sense of smell you can’t even perceive bleach as pungent as it is.

Any food can taste as good as shaft infact as salt can’t taste,And your body can feel like it’s full of water. It’s like you pant for your life to breathe.

The garlic ginger turmeric lemon concoction ooo is easy to take with you. It was so corrosive my abdominal lining was gradually peeling off.

“More hears of the virus than felt.

“Guys this virus no be play o’ stay safe please

“FYI …. I work on the frontline so I still wear my face mask, face shield and even goggles. I changed my gloves less than every 5 minutes, washed my hands and used a hand sanitizer to the point that my skin was peeling but I always got the virus.

“STAY AT HOME AND Encourage NO Visitor TO Come. STAY SAFE,” he said.

Covid19 Survivor Revealed Experience And Cure Process



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