People With The Listed Health Conditions Should Not Wear Nose mask

People With The Listed Health Conditions Should Not Wear Nose mask

People with lung conditions should not wear face masks if it makes it hard to breathe, experts warn

Experts also warned that people with asthma or other lung disorders should not wear a face mask, because it could make breathing difficult for them.

People were told to wear face masks while they were in public or with other men. This is because the coronavirus is a respiratory virus, which means that when breathed in, it infects people and binds to cells inside the airways and lungs.
However, people suffering from asthma or other lung disorders can find it hard to breathe with face coverings.

Masks can make the drawing of air into the lungs more difficult and this can trigger asthma for certain patients and can also cause anxiety that affects breathing habits for people.

The concern with these individuals, however, is that they do have a greater chance of being critically ill if they contract the infection, so they could be more likely to spread it while they become infected.

Experts claim that if people can safely wear a mask, they can protect themselves and those around them, but not endanger their own safety in the process.

In its official advice, the UK Cabinet Office now says: “If you can, wear a face mask in an enclosed space where social distancing is not feasible and where you can come into contact with people you usually don’t know, which is most appropriate for brief periods indoors in crowded areas, such as public transport or certain stores.”

But it adds: “Face coverings should not be used by children under the age of 2 or those who may find it difficult to correctly handle them, such as primary age unassisted children, or those with respiratory conditions.”

Asthma UK says: “Wearing a face mask might not be easy for some people with asthma. It may make it harder to breathe.

“The government has advised that there is no need for people with respiratory conditions to wear face covers, so if you find it difficult, don’t wear one.”

People With The Listed Health Conditions Should Not Wear Nose mask


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