Priest Uses Toy Gun To Bless People

Priest Uses Toy Gun To Bless People

Priest Uses Toy Gun To Bless People

These Picture Went viral on the social media with hidden location of a priest blessing people in their cars

As to these controversial discussions were Raised

Is this effective ? Does it guarantee being really blessed

By Gistbux: On these note some very sensitive comments were made….
“Everything is based on your believe as a person, even if you enter a temple

Without the believe that spiritual exercises would make effective better differences, they won’t.

This really got me to panic and thoughts :
What’s the world becoming ?
The world known system Is on hold.
People can’t move as they want.
Concerts can’t hold.
Parties can’t hold.
No more big fun.

Telecommunication companies made a 2 years profit within 3 months and there’s a general increase in price rate over the world.

The worst record of death is been recorded on daily basis, which has not been like this in many many years back…

The world fights an existing killer that can’t be touched or harmed, but the only option of killing it is by staying away from it…

Stay home everyone,don’t be stingy ,pray for the world
And we’ll all phase through this phase together

One world, One love

Priest Uses Toy Gun To Bless People


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