Racism:Police Choked A Man To Death In Public

Photo emerges showing the White cop who knelt on George Floyd’s neck wearing a “Make Whites Great Again” hat as it’s revealed this is not his first time harming a civilian

The names of at least two of the four cops involved in the death of an African American man, George Floyd, have been exposed and after a picture of him wearing a “Make Whites Great Again” hat appeared one of the officers, the one who knelt on George’s back, is labeled a racist.

In a video posted online, Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, 44, is seen kneeling at George’s feet. The video was almost 10 minutes long and Derek had his knee in George’s neck for much of it, even though the Black man repeatedly complained he couldn’t breathe.

When Derek Chavin-a 19-year-old police veteran-knelt on George’s back, George was held down by two other officers by his stomach and legs.

Even after George started to bleed from his nose and become unconscious, Derek never stopped kneeling on his neck.

Instagram users said:

It isn’t the first time Derek Chauvin hurts a civilian. Chauvin shot and injured Ira Latrell Toles during a call to domestic assault in 2008. Chauvin and other officers turned up to an apartment in south Minneapolis shortly before 2 a.m., according to a 2011 report in the Pioneer Journal. Toles grabbed for a pistol from an officer and Chauvin shot him in the abdomen.

Another officer named online is an Asian American cop who stood by and exchanged words with bystanders who asked them to free George during the attack on George Floyd. His name is Thao Tou.

This is not the first time that Thao has been accused of police brutality, either. In 2017 a man named Lamar Ferguson sued Thao for unlawful use of force, and another cop, Robert Thunder.

According to the complaint, when Thao and Thunder stopped and searched them without cause, Ferguson and a woman, who was eight months pregnant, were walking home. The officers handcuffed Ferguson, and according to the charges, Thao threw him down to the ground and started to hit him, while Thunder kicked him.

Ferguson was rushed to hospital for medical attention by the police. They then escorted Ferguson to jail wearing only his underwear and T-shirt, refusing demands from hospital workers that he be allowed to dress in full, according to the lawsuit.

Thao was laid off for two years, then returned in 2012 to the department.

Floyd’s Family and friends posted on Facebook,”My bro was killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day …R I.P. bro we will get Justice for u ..gone2soon ..loveU4life.”

Racism:Police Choked A Man To Death In Public


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