Judge Extands R,Kelly's Bail

Judge Extands R,Kelly’s Bail

A judge refused the appeal of singer R.Kelly to leave prison because of the risk of him contracting Covid-19, calling Kelly a ‘community threat’ and a ‘travel hazard.’

This is the third time the court has denied R.Kelly’s attempts to leave jail on ‘health grounds’ because he is being held in custody on charges of intentional child sex abuse, transmission of STDS and kidnapping.

In his bail application, which was filed earlier this month, Kelly argued that he was diabetic and overweight, and thus more vulnerable to complications from Coronavirus, complaining that his prison conditions had become dirty, and it was only a matter of time before he caught the virus.

“The accused is charged with extraordinarily serious crimes in Illinois and New York, for which he faces a long prison term if convicted,” Judge Donnelly wrote in her decision

“The possibility makes him danger for takeoff.The nature of the charges — including crimes against minor victims, threats against potential witnesses, and paying bribes to keep witnesses from cooperating — makes him a danger to the community, including trying to manipulate prospective witnesses.

The trial for Kelly starts later this year 2020 probably  after covid19.

Judge Extands R,Kelly’s Bail


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