Olamide As Itel Brand Ambassador

Olamide As Itel Brand Ambassador

Olamide As Itel Brand Ambassador

Olamide ‘s latest announcement as the brand ambassador for itel Mobile in Nigeria has opened up a new chapter for brand loyalists and lovers. It’s a smart decision in five words and here’s why.

The first reference is His declaration.

His selection was praised by participants at the virtual unveiling ceremony held to formally welcome him into the itel family. The comments section bubbled and buzzed for itel and Olamide with enthusiasm and thumbs up. The brand may have settled for someone else – another dazzling act of hip hop and street music, but Olamide is drawn by the mass market and feels like users can relate with.

Man is too “illuminated”

He’s a perfect fit for the Mobile itel brand and they have so much in common that they’re a no-brainer to come together. A united team has been inspired by the similarities (appeal, consumer acceptance, and more) For the streets and the mass markets pushing their deliveries and their life. For everyone’s smartphone, and for safe and affordable items.

The kit on versatility.

In truckloads Olamide adds versatility to the partnership. He is blessed with a beautiful talent base that allows all brands to interconnect and share benefits. This is supported by the fact that he talks with the brand lovers and fans who can relate to a language itel culture. The streets’ voice is certainly about to gain louder.

The carriage and appeal of Olamide binds the participating brands on a stunning ship. Both qualities are easy to see in his art and this alone will help to strengthen the link between the Mobile itel and its customers. Much better it does not get than this.

This relationship looks after every concern-the company and the consumers. It doesn’t only look good on paper and it’s just a matter of time before everybody gets to see the amazing moving itel Mobile made with choosing Olamide as the brand’s face and voice.

Olamide As Itel Brand Ambassador


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