The Reason Majek Fashek Died

Majekodunmi Fasheke, the legendary Reggae singer, popularly known as Majek Fashek died on June 1 in New York (read here).

According to Vanguard, it has now been revealed that he died after fighting cancer for almost a year.

Artist manager Joy Tongo has announced the news of his death. Tuesday morning, the producer of Majek Fashek, Uzoma Day Omenka announced the news on the singer’s Instagram account. He was killed at 11.45 pm June 1 , 2020, Nigerian time, he says.

He also reported that the singer died in New York, not in London where he sought treatment beforehand. Uzoma said the doctors recommended that he should move close to his family, which motivated his move to New York where his wife and three sons are living.

He said Majek had been separated from his family for 10 years until September of last year, when they were reunited on his doctors’ recommendation that he should be close to his children.

“Last September, we moved him from London to New York, on the recommendation of the doctors to remain close to the family. After 10 years of separation Majek reunited with his family last year. He died in their company, “Uzoma said.

Raised on 7 March 1963, Majek was 57 when he died.

The funeral plan details will be made available in due time.

The Reason Majek Fashek Died


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