Coronavirus: Obama says US response a ‘chaotic disaster

Barak Obama the former president of The United States criticised President Donald Trump over the strong effect of covid19 I’m America

This happened in a private conference call where Obama called the US handling of the pandemic “an absolute disaster”

The White House gave a response that “President Trump’s action has saved Americans’ lives”.

Mr Obama said Trump’s approach to government was partly to blame for the US response to coronavirus also criticised the decision to drop criminal charges against national security

Coronavirus: Obama says US response a ‘chaotic disaster


With over 1.2 million cases and more than 77,000 deaths in USA many states introduced lockdown measures in March but have now lifted restrictions.

Allowing people to return to work  because of the economy

But health officials warn this may lead to further spread of the virus.

Mr Trump’s has given a rigid approach to the pandemic, In February he dismissed the threat.

saying it would be over, but by mid March he acknowledged it’s severity

He later on announced that there’ll be a closure to his task force against the pandemic.

but later said it’ll continue and he still focuses on reopening the economy.


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